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Omega Batch for +2 Students (CHSE Odisha Board)

Overview: The Omega Batch is designed specifically for +2 grade students who will attend their exams in 2025. This mentorship program focuses on teaching Chemistry and Physics from basic to advanced levels, preparing students for both their 11th and 12th-grade studies under the CHSE Odisha Board.


  1. Video Lectures: Access our high-quality video lectures on YouTube for free, or watch them on our website without any distractions.
  2. DPP (Daily Practice Papers): Regular practice papers to enhance understanding and retention.
  3. WAT (Weekly Assessment Tests): Weekly tests to evaluate ongoing progress and identify areas of improvement.
  4. MAT (Monthly Assessment Tests): Comprehensive monthly tests to ensure steady progress.
  5. PPT Notes: Access to detailed PowerPoint notes used during lectures, which can be used as study material.
  6. SMAT (Super Monthly Assessment Test): Free for all Odisha Board students, providing a competitive platform and rank analysis to help students gauge their performance.


  1. Comprehensive study material covering both 11th and 12th grades.
  2. Continuous assessment to ensure thorough preparation.
  3. Access to high-quality, distraction-free video lectures is available on our website.
  4. Specialized notes in the form of PowerPoint presentations.
  5. Regular assessment and feedback to help students stay on track.

Note: We currently do not provide content for Mathematics. Updates and content for Mathematics will be introduced in the future.

What will i learn?


  • Device: Computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Internet: Stable internet connection
  • Access: Lipronix account for website features
  • Commitment: Regular participation in tests and assignments
  • Motivation: Willingness to learn and engage actively

Frequently asked question

The Omega Batch is designed for +2-grade students (CHSE Odisha Board) focusing on Chemistry and Physics, while the Udaan Batch is for 10th-grade students (HSE Odisha Board) covering SCP (Science) and SCL (Social Science).

Our video lectures are available for free on YouTube. However, students enrolled in our batches can access the lectures on our website without any distractions.

Currently, we do not offer content for Mathematics. We plan to introduce Mathematics content in the future and will keep you informed.

The Omega Batch covers Chemistry and Physics from basic to advanced levels.

The Omega Batch is specifically designed for +2-grade students who will attend their exams in 2025 under the CHSE Odisha Board. The course covers both 11th and 12th-grade materials to ensure thorough preparation.

What additional resources do Omega Batch students get? A: Students receive DPP (Daily Practice Papers), WAT (Weekly Assessment Tests), MAT (Monthly Assessment Tests), PPT notes from lectures, and access to the SMAT (Super Monthly Assessment Test) for free.

SMAT (Super Monthly Assessment Test) is a free test available to all Odisha Board students. It provides a competitive platform and rank analysis to help students gauge their performance.

These tests are designed to reinforce learning, monitor progress, and identify areas that need improvement. They help ensure continuous progress and thorough preparation for exams.

You can enroll in your desired batch by visiting our website and following the enrollment instructions. If you have any issues, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Yes, our website is mobile-friendly, and you can access all lectures and resources on any device with an internet connection.

You can reach out to our support team at [email protected] for any queries or additional information.

You can contact Rudra Prasad Mohapatra directly at [email protected].

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